programming languages, compilers, algorithms.


Honor's Thesis: State-Flow Grammers

Advised by Dr. Robert van Engelen of FSU

Constructed a new perspective on context-free grammars using state-flow relations. Developed a corresponding parser, LLama, that utilizes state-flow grammars and LL(k) parsing using backtracking in a user-friendly manner.

Check it out here.

NCSI: Non-Conventional Search and Identification

PI: Dr. Sudhir Aggarwal; Co-PIs: Dr. Piyush Kumar of FSU and Dr. Feifei Li of the University of Utah

As part of a project funded by the Florida Department of Revenue, I've worked as a part of a team to develop a full system including an interactive front-end system, centralized architecture, and unique algorithms for data coalescing and augmentation. Our project retrieves data by distributed crawling and scraping. Nearly all of our project is written in Python.

Databases used: MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra

Tools used: Flask, Redis